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      Welcome: Binzhou Lvbang Board Co.,Ltd.
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      About us

        Binzhou Lvbang Board Industry Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Guochang group. It is located in Binzhou Industrial Park, Shandong Province, which is the central city of the Yellow River Delta high efficiency ecological economic zone. The company started with "Qinglongshan cement" founded in 1958, and has been developing and growing for more than 60 years. With an annual sales revenue of 3 billion yuan, the group is the most competitive manufacturer of building materials in the Yellow River Delta. The company has won the praise of the majority of users for its excellent product quality and high-quality service. It has always maintained a high market share in China, and has been recognized and respected by most domestic architectural design institutes, engineering companies, businesses and the majority of users. The key projects of Lvbang board series products are all over the country.

        Binzhou Lvbang board Co., Ltd. was established in February 2003 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and a total investment of 210 million yuan, covering an area of 87000 square meters. Our company mainly produces Lvbang brand Fiber cement plate, Calcium silicate board, Decorative board, Integrated insulation decoration board, PVC coated board, Sandwich wallboard, Diatomaceous earth board, Through color board, Carving board, Perforated sound-absorbing board, Suspended ceiling board, Polished board,3D / 5D  decorative board and other series products. The annual production scale of calcium silicate board and cement board is more than 20 million square meters, the environmental protection decorative board is 1.5 million square meters, and the composite wall board is 2 million square meters. It is one of the largest new plate manufacturers in China.

        The company has passed iso9001:2015 quality management system, iso14001:2015 environmental management system, iso45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system certification and China environmental label certification, and has won the honorary titles of "China's green environmental protection products" and "Shandong famous brand", which has won the trust of consumers and the affirmation of national institutions. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, science and technology leading", takes "honesty and trustworthiness, customer satisfaction" as the purpose, takes "low carbon, environmental protection, green, energy saving" as its own responsibility, and widely injects "Zhucheng" culture to improve and enhance enterprise management. We will continue to open up new markets with high morale and pragmatic and enterprising style. We are committed to leading the development of the industry, benefiting the society and adding color to the enterprise.




      Contact: Jacky Xin

      Phone: 0543-3805146

      Tel: 0543-3805146

      Email: lvbangbanye@163.com

      Add: No.517,Wutong Road,Binbei Town,Binzhou City,Shandong Province,China